At KITCHENTOWN, we support food entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the way we source, make, buy, and eat food. We exist to connect emerging food startups to the resources, contacts, and infrastructure they need to scale smarter, pivot faster, and find long term success.

When You’re Ready to Grow Your Company

KITCHENTOWN combines industry knowhow and connections with a production scale-up facility to help food startups get off the ground and accelerate their growth. The large co-working facility in San Mateo accommodates a variety of food categories offering equipment and food prep areas for large batch-size production. The KITCHENTOWN campus also provides co-warehousing and D2C fulfillment space.

Connect to Resources, Partners, and Peers


KITCHENTOWN is a hub, a connector, a collaborator and a partner. We work to provide the right resources at the right time for early-stage food startups.

The KITCHENTOWN Learning Lab brings together experts and experienced entrepreneurs to create engaging and informative workshops, events, and mentorship programs.Based in San Francisco's Mission District, the Learning Lab helps busy food entrepreneurs navigate the many challenges of running a food business. Like everything at KITCHENTOWN, it is a place where people share expertise, deepen practical skills, experiment with new ideas, and connect with their passion for good food.

Working with the next generation of startups to promote health, taste, and social responsibility

Whether VC–backed, crowdfunded or bootstrapped, KITCHENTOWN startups are innovating — delivering fresh foods in new ways, creating new food categories, and pioneering the use of unique ingredients.

Neighborhood Café & Store

Enjoy a fine cup of coffee and nosh on pastries, scones, and cookies, all baked fresh at KITCHENTOWN from our many in-house bakers. Dig into farmer's market inspired fare for breakfast and lunch, or fortify yourself with brunch service all weekend long. The KITCHENTOWN Café serves up casual seasonal menus to savor anytime of day. Meet with friends and shop for food from our makers and other local artisans while watching the activity of our busy kitchen space just beyond the glass wall.



Tuesday through SUNDAY 8am–4pm



closed on mondays